Easy Tension Release


Any good chiropractor knows that tension headaches can be a product of poor posture. Often, putting the spine in tense positions for long periods of time is one of the biggest contributing factors. Sitting at a computer desk for extended periods, playing on your mobile phone on the tram or sleeping belly-down with your chin lifted on the pillow are just some of the things many people do that can lead to tension headaches. These headaches can be horrible, are often compared to a tight band being placed around the head, and are caused when the muscles in the back of the head and neck stay contracted. This may even be a result of tense muscles in the lower back sometimes. Fortunately, with some simple postural changes, the pain in your head, neck and back could drastically reduce and even disappear.

Sleep Well

A chiropractic pillow, which may also be known as a cervical pillow, is a great tool for relieving tension in the upper spine and neck where the muscles can sometimes stay contracted when sleeping in a poor position. These pillows are often made of memory foam, which moulds itself to the shape of your head as you move, providing support where needed and thus removing tension. If the head is held properly, there is no need for the muscles to contract. This style of pillow is at times sightly sloped and curved at the edges for maximum comfort. This is a great step in the right direction to removing tension headaches, as good sleep equates to less stress. Stress can manifest itself as tension if you hunch the shoulders and clench the jaw, which are both natural responses to stress.

Sit Up Straight

Making sure you sit up straight and adjusting your desk to meet your personal needs are essential for improving posture. It's easy to suffer from tension headaches if you're crouched over all day. Fortunately, there are some great desks available that can be adjusted up and down, helping to bring your laptop to eye level. You can also find some great chairs that are adjustable so that you can change the tilt, the height and how much movement there is in the base. These chairs are expensive, but gym balls can be used as much cheaper alternatives, and small lumbar supports can be added to regular chairs. Using these methods, the intention is that the spine will be aligned properly in a nearly straight line from the head down, with a slight curve maintained in the lumbar region. The neck won't be placed slightly leaning forward, thus allowing the muscles to relax when needed and minimising tension-based headaches.


10 September 2019

Recurrent back pain

I've had so many back pain issues over the years. I think it's cost me thousands of dollars when you work out how much I've spent on useless devices that are supposed to help, medical appointments and all the time I've missed from either attending appointments or being in too much pain to go into work. It's also made horrible inroads into my social life by affecting how much I can participate in social events with friends and family. I want to make sure that I actually cure my back pain this time, rather than just treating the symptoms so I can really start living my life.