Good Concert Last Night? How To Deal With The Day After Neck Pain


It is no fun to go to a concert of your favourite band and sit as quiet as a church mouse while the stadium rocks on around you. You want to experience the full concert experience. However, the day after a great concert, the pain in your neck may make you regret it. Neck pain is no fun as you try to go about your daily tasks, but there are several fast ways you can make the pain go away without automatically reaching for the pain pills.

Cold Therapy

The reason why your neck is feeling so sore is because last night you put your neck through a range of motions that it is not used to doing. The muscles in your neck have been overworked, and now there is more blood flowing through the blood vessels than normal.

Placing an ice pack on your neck is one way to quickly restrict the size of the blood vessels in the bruised muscles. This reduces the amount of fluid that is now in the neck, and that reduces the amount of under-skin swelling that is going on. If you do not have an ice pack in your freezer, reach for a bag of frozen vegetables. Anything that is very cold and pliable can be used as long as it can be molded to the shape of your neck.

Place the ice pack on your neck for 10 minutes every three hours to help make the pain go away.

Helpful hint: do not put the ice pack or the frozen vegetables straight onto your skin as extreme cold can damage your skin tissue. Instead, wrap it in a tea towel before placing it onto your neck.


If the neck pain has not disappeared 48 hours after the concert, your next visit should be to your local chiropractor. During your excitement at the concert, it is possible you have either strained your neck or put your spine out of alignment. A misaligned spine will show itself through neck, shoulder or knee pain.

Once the chiropractor has examined your neck issue, they may choose to treat the problem with a massage. Massage helps to warm up the stiff muscles in your neck, and as they loosen the pain levels will reduce. If the chiropractor diagnoses a neck strain, they will teach you a range of daily exercises you can do to reduce the stiffness you are experiencing.

A good concert doesn't have to have lasting effects if you know how to effectively treat your neck pain as soon as you wake up feeling sore the next day. Of course, this current pain won't stop you having a great time all over again at your next concert. For more information, contact a company like Coogee Chiropractic


12 April 2016

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