4 Reasons Why You Should See A Chiropractor After Childbirth


There are many benefits to seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy. These range from finding relief for lower back pain and hip pain to improving pelvic alignment. You can certainly look forward to a smoother pregnancy journey.

Proper chiropractic care has also been shown to improve the chances of shorter labour and deliveries. Then comes your bundle of joy, and you may want to stop seeing your chiropractor. Here are a couple of reasons why you should keep with your chiropractor care sessions after childbirth.

1. Promoting Faster Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth can certainly put some stress on your body. Ligaments may come loose, your nerve system may be affected in one way or the other and misalignments may happen during this time.

All these can affect how fast and how well your body recovers after childbirth. A qualified chiropractor can address any such issues to guarantee that you have a speedy and full recovery.

2.     Proper Pelvic Rehabilitation

Without proper pelvic rehabilitation, you may find yourself facing a number of problems, including controlling your urine stream and experiencing physical pain during sex.

With some targeted manipulations and techniques, your chiropractor can help to restore and rehabilitate your pelvic floor muscles. These techniques will help the ligaments in your pelvis to go back to what they were before and improve your pelvic core and strength.

3.      Guiding On Posture

What's the best position to carry your little bundle to avoid postural issues? How should you hold your baby during breastfeeding to prevent the same problems? Which is the right way to place or pick your child from the crib or car seat?

Too many new mums end up with a strained back, in addition to neck and shoulder pain because of poor posture. Work with a chiropractor and get insights on all postural issues post-partum.

4.      Keep Post-Partum Depression Away

It's easy to see why stressing over your body not snapping back after childbirth fast enough and experiencing physical pain can drive you to feel depressed. This depression can quickly take the joy of motherhood away from you.

While there are certainly other factors that may contribute to this depression, you minimise the risk when you work with your chiropractor to take care of some of these triggers.

Whether or not you were seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy, you have every reason, as outlined, to keep doing so, even after childbirth.  


10 June 2020

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I've had so many back pain issues over the years. I think it's cost me thousands of dollars when you work out how much I've spent on useless devices that are supposed to help, medical appointments and all the time I've missed from either attending appointments or being in too much pain to go into work. It's also made horrible inroads into my social life by affecting how much I can participate in social events with friends and family. I want to make sure that I actually cure my back pain this time, rather than just treating the symptoms so I can really start living my life.