Benefits of Using a Children's Chiropractor for SPD


Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD, is becoming an increasing issue in children around the world. This issue is marked by hypersensitivity to sounds, lights, discomfort to the skin, and overall issues in the environment around the child. There are several techniques that are beneficial for children who experience SPD that can help in both short and long-term ways. By taking your child to a children's chiropractor on a routine basis, you can receive benefits that will help reduce the issues associated with SPD. Here are a few of those benefits:

Releasing Discomfort in the Joints

One of the main benefits that children with SPD can gain from going to a children's chiropractor is the relief and release of discomfort and pressure in the joints. Though this is something that anyone can benefit from, with SPD children it goes deeper. Most children dealing with SPD apply massive pressure to their feet, leg, and arm joints. They find a comfort in this and can find that the pressure helps during times of distress or anxiety related to sensory overload. This continuous pressure they apply to themselves can cause joint tension and sometimes joint pain. A children's chiropractor can help release that tension through certain alignment methods and methods that are specific to various parts of the body where the child applies the most pressure.

Opening Neurological Pathways

One of the reasons that children with SPD have such severe sensory and processing issues is due to neurological stimulation. Each child who experiences SPD does experience a different level of neurological sensation and stimulation that may be heightened or lowered depending on their own reactions as well as other issues such as autism or developmental delays. By visiting a children's chiropractor on a routine basis, the child can experience and the opening of the neurological pathways that will allow them to experience a reduced hypersensitivity to various sensory issues such as touch. You may find that aspects of their daily life, such as an irritation t certain clothing or temperatures, is reduced after routine visits.

Digestive Relief

When you think of a children's chiropractor, you may not think of the digestive tract. You may also not consider the connection between chiropractic visits and your SPD child's digestion. The truth is, the two can go hand in hand. With the alignment of the spine and other areas of the body, the chiropractor can help give relief to areas experiencing a large amount of pressure and tension. This relief will actually help relieve tension to the digestive tract and pressure that may be causing stomach discomfort, intestinal blockages, or pain. Once this occurs, you may notice increased bowel movements and a reduction in intestinal and digestive inflammation. This results in the child feeling less discomfort that contributes to the hypersensitivity and aspects of SPD they are experiencing.

These are just a few of the benefits a children's chiropractor can offer to your child experiencing Sensory Processing Disorder. For other benefits, specific to your child's needs, consider a consultation with your local children's chiropractor to discuss treatment plans and options.


9 June 2017

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