3 Natural Remedies for Your Child's Growing Pains


Has your child been complaining of pains in their legs. Most general practitioners usually chalk this pain up to a diagnosis of growing pains.So, what are growing pains? They are the pains that some children experience in the lower limbs. They are most common in children between 3 and 12 years of age and mostly occur in the evening and at night. With no definitive evidence to show that these pains relate to growth spurts, some doctors are hesitant to use the term growing pains. Your doctor may have called your child's pains 'recurrent nocturnal limb pain in children'. Growing pains do not cause any permanent harm to children, but they can be distressing. If your child is suffering, then the following natural treatments may help.

Try Varied Exercise and Regular Rest Breaks

If you have a very active child, encourage them to take a break after periods of exertion to allow their muscles to rest. Introduce your child to a variety of activities that will work different muscles. This will avoid strain being put on the same group of muscles every day.  

Comfort with Warmth, Massage, and Lots of Reassurance

At the end of a long day, a warm bath can help to soothe aching muscles. Add Epsom salts, which are an excellent source of magnesium, helpful for aches and pains. If your child is still suffering following the bath, a massage using a suitable essential oil will help them to relax and may ease their aches. Offer lots of cuddles and reassure them that the pains will be gone by morning.

Check on Foot and Posture Problems

If you feel that your child's feet may be an issue because they roll in, or you find them tripping over a lot, make an appointment with a podiatrist to discuss their feet and posture.

Try Chiropractic

For a more in-depth form of treatment, consider chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy (SMT). A general chiropractor will look at any biomechanical issues, addressing problems that may be present in the spine. Spinal problems that affect the growth process can be the result of previous injuries. Being placed in a baby walker before a child's body is ready can lead to postural abnormalities. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle, sports injuries and birth trauma can also be factors. A children's chiropractor will look at the body as a whole instead of just the legs. Stress in one area, like the spine, can lead to stress in other regions of the body such as the legs.


13 April 2016

Recurrent back pain

I've had so many back pain issues over the years. I think it's cost me thousands of dollars when you work out how much I've spent on useless devices that are supposed to help, medical appointments and all the time I've missed from either attending appointments or being in too much pain to go into work. It's also made horrible inroads into my social life by affecting how much I can participate in social events with friends and family. I want to make sure that I actually cure my back pain this time, rather than just treating the symptoms so I can really start living my life.